We always have sage advice for others. It’s so much easier to look outside of us and see how others can improve their lives. But when it’s time to look at what we need…well we can often fall short.

I personally have been guilty of this. I would see other people’s struggles and issues and have great advice. But always lacked the advice on my side.

When someone’s problem gives you a strong reaction take a moment to ask why.

When you are having a strong reaction to someone’s problem it may be as simple as it seems unjust…or there is SUCH a simple solution…why aren’t they doing that!

It’s a moment to reflect on. It could be shining a light on something you are missing in your life. You are having an emotional reaction to this. It deserves a closer look as to how it reflects on your life.

Those pesky feelings

Let me give you an example of a reaction. Jealousy is an easy one. We have all felt it at some point in our lives. It’s a natural part of life. Don’t judge yourself for it! Jealousy, like many strong emotional reactions is an emotion that shines a light on our personal journey. When you feel jealous of your friend for being more successful, having some great luck or for just having amazing hair…take a moment to look at why those feelings came up.

Jealousy LOVES to shine a light on what we feel we are lacking…including great hair. We can dismiss it by putting it back on that person “Oh she just schmoozes all the right people and is sooooo fake…that’s why she got that job. Not me…I’m authentic. They couldn’t handle that and that is why I didn’t get the job”.


You didn’t get the job. It’s not your path. That’s ok. But see how jealousy can make you a mean bitch instead of looking at what is really going on: I need a job. I’m scared. Will I ever find that right job? Can I pay my bills??

I used jealousy because we all have those moments. It’s that pesky part of growing as a person feeling those negative feelings sometimes. We can all recall a moment when we felt jealous. So take a minute to think about what made you jealous and how that reflected back on your life at the time. Go ahead…I dare ya.

So back to taking your own advice

Jealousy is just one emotional reaction. But more often we are finding ourselves giving friends, family, coworkers, the barista at our coffee shop advice. And when you are all set up with tons of advice to give ask yourself “Is it time I took my own advice?” Because often the things that happen to others that stir something in us means we empathize with it. Either because we have been there in the past…or we are living it now.

Notice those nudges. These little (or sometimes big) pushes can be great insight into what is currently bothering us whether we want to acknowledge it or not.

It’s time to take your own advice.

You have an incredible amount of wisdom and truth. But before you start fixing the world start taking your own advice. If you think this wisdom is worth sharing then it is something that can work for you too. I never share a piece of insight I haven’t personally tried in my life too. Hold yourself to that higher standard.

If something gives you a reaction

Ask yourself why? Is there something going on in your life that resonates with you?

Take your own advice. You have some amazing wisdom! Follow it. Listen to those emotional nudges. Delve a little deeper. See what comes up.