Do you remember those “choose your own adventure” books? Where you got to pick option 1,2 or 3 and depending on your choice you went to a different page. I would often hold my place in the book and look ahead to see if I really wanted to make that choice. Or if perhaps another option was better. I loved the concept of having some control in the story! Getting to make a choice of where I wanted my character to go next. Looking ahead to see if it was the right move. And sometimes changing my mind if I didn’t like the outcome.

I’m sure you see where I’m going with this. Cause wouldn’t it be awesome to hold our spot while we look ahead to see what that decisions outcome will be before we totally commit to it? Ok…awesome in a spoil the ending kinda way. Cause sometimes the surprise is well worth the suspense.

But what it made me think of is how we are perpetually at different forks in the road. That whether it’s a big decision that is very obviously a fork or a smaller choice that seems rather mundane at the time. We are constantly choosing our own adventure.

It may not feel like a choose your own adventure when you pick a bagel over cereal in the morning. Or coffee over tea. But even these “small” choices make an impact. I put quotations because food can have a big impact on our lives. I know the food I choose to put into my body has a ripple effect (sugar crashes and major cravings for example).

We all have those moments we wonder “what would have happened if I…took that job…bought that house…married that person” etc.  While living in the past wondering how things “could” have turned out leaves you focusing on events that already happened. Taking a moment to realize you are choosing your adventure daily makes things more in your control!

Yes life is not always in our control.  Yes shit happens. But isn’t it more fun to think that everyday you get to choose your adventure. That daily there are forks in the road that you come to…and you either go left or right. Go to page 38 or 54.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. But you made a choice. You flipped a page. You moved forward. You didn’t just stay on that page looking at all the options before you. You chose something. And movement causes a ripple effect. You may not see it right away. But it’s there. Happening beneath the surface. Creating a new fork and new adventure for you to choose.

So in this new beginning…this new year, you will have many adventures to choose from. Recognize that you have these choices! And take them boldly! The fabulous you deserves to make a choice and go with it. You don’t get to hold the page while you look to see what the outcome is. This is you trusting that gut and moving forward.

You always have a choice. Choose to see it as an adventure.