Perfection is over rated. I always connect more with someone who isn’t afraid to be honest. Show their strengths with their weaknesses. And not take themselves too seriously. I mean…there are always times we gotta tighten the bun and take charge. But not taking ourselves too seriously is sometimes just what we need.

Getting wrapped up

In the daily grind of things we can sometimes come down pretty hard on ourselves. Not getting enough done in a day. Not achieving our goals fast enough. Maybe not even having a goal to start with…and how dare you not have a goal!

Taking a step back to laugh at ourselves and our seriousness can sometimes lead to the biggest break through.

It changes the direction of the energy for a moment. It takes a little weight off.

Life is serious sometimes. So how about finding some ways to lighten it up for yourself.

When I was struggling with how I was going to save my little shop I had hit a wall. No idea where I was supposed to go. Didn’t know how to increase sales. How to make sure the rent and ALL the bills were paid. I was in a rut.

Then one day I was inspired. I wanted to make a spoof video about how stilettos were an endangered species in Tofino. It had NOTHING to do with my yarn shop. But I thought…why not? It’s the first inspiration I’ve had in a long time. Why not follow it and see what happens?

So I did. To this day I still think I look ridiculous. But that was the point! I wasn’t trying to be perfect or put together. I went for full on foolish. And it caused a creative shift.

When you aren’t trying to be perfect you get to be YOU

When you let down your hair and give yourself permission to be foolish, and be willing to laugh at it…you get to be open to other foolish possibilities that may lead to something great.

So make that cheesy joke. Wear that ugly-but-oh-so-comfy sweater cause dammit you feel awesome in it. Put some broccoli in your teeth and see who will tell you first.

For me making that video gave me a chance to actually just be my goofy self. Not some serious business owner. Just a goofball that loves heels. And it led to a creative outlet that resulted in some more ridiculous videos, great laughs and friendships. It also took the stress off of me. Because sitting in my shop looking at the bottom line was really bringing me down. Daily. It allowed me to breathe new ideas and fresh mojo into the business because I had been revived by another creative outlet.

Allow yourself that chance to find that other outlet. Be foolish. And own it. The hair has to be let down sometimes.

And so with much love (and cringing) I share with you my “Save the heels” goofball video. Please excuse the old website link. That was for my old yarn shop 🙂