Some of you may have caught the short little video I shared on Facebook on Monday about gratitude. In the short video I talk about how gratitude is a lifestyle and a conscious choice we can make everyday. It was Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend and so gratitude abounded on Facebook. It was so cool to see what people were thankful for. It made me wish that this type of gratitude was shared more often. I love to see what amazing and positive things are happening in others lives.

As I mulled over this whole gratitude thing some more I realized that I like to photograph moments I am grateful for. It’s my way of trying to save them. I thought I would share with you some of those simple moments that have made me truly grateful.



Sunshine on the farm.



Fun in the river with a wet dog.



Veggies and fruit for my smoothie.

Why is it a lifestyle?

Take a little google and lifestyle is defined as “the way in which a person or group lives”.

Gratitude is a choice. This choice can be a lifestyle. And unlike varieties of lifestyles that require certain types of clothes or food (for example) gratitude is FREE.

Now I know this is all not breaking news. But I have found that thinking of it as a lifestyle has helped change my perspective. It’s not a “to do” on my daily list. Like having to fill out what I am grateful for in my journal every night (as a side note…I totally DO…but it’s not a MUST before bed. It’s just a fun loving exercise when I need it). It’s about recognizing those little moments or little lessons and just doing a little internal bow of gratitude for the lesson/love/beauty/magic etc that just happened.

Like you put on shoes everyday, put out a little gratitude.

I  choose to live a life of gratitude. And sometimes I manage to get in my veggies.