When I was a teenager I went and got my tarot cards read.  Seemed like a fun thing to do with my friends as we wandered the shops on Queen Street East in Toronto. This is going back about 18 years now.  Most of the information he shared I can’t remember. But the one piece of advice that never left me was that I needed to stay focused.  When I looked at him confused he demonstrated for me.  With a small desk lamp he angled the light to shine onto the wall.  He said instead of focusing on the light which was a condensed area of focused energy I was focusing on the shadow of the light which covered a much larger area on the wall.

I would love to say that after that reading I was a super focused and successful individual.  Instead I spent years still in search of what I was meant to do or what my next life step should be. What I didn’t realize is that trying to find my life purpose was like staring at the shadow on the wall.  It was too big.  To overwhelming.  I needed to focus on the ball of light.

Start simple.

Getting clear can sound like it is a huge undertaking.  But that just makes it that much more overwhelming and then we don’t take any steps forward.  Get clear on something that speaks to you right away.  For example, my health has become a clear priority for me.  And that doesn’t just mean getting to the gym regularly.  For me making my health a priority has included setting aside some of my fun money to see a naturopath.  Making regular appointments for bowen therapy to help with my bad shoulder.  Committing to yoga once a week.  Choosing foods that will nourish me.

When I made a decision that spoke to me on a heart level it was so much easier to action.  I felt so strongly about getting my health back in order after years of neglect.  It was the simple choice.

What does it look like?

Once you have decided what that next step will be for you, now it’s time to get a sense for what that looks and feels like for you.  For me getting healthy was very much tied to feelings.  I wanted to have my energy back, feel motivated to get off my butt, not feel so tired and to feel strong.  Take a moment to visualize what that clear goal looks like for you.  Write it out!  Express how that will look and feel.  Like you can already taste the success.  Circle back to that when you are wavering or losing sight of what your original goal was.  Remind yourself of what you are working towards.

Baby steps

Not sure about you but I can hit overwhelm quite easily sometimes.  Especially with something like trying to feel healthy again.  I could easily slip into frustration mode when it was taking “too long” to feel better.  So I found a plan helped keep me on track.  I had appointments with my naturopath that helped keep me on track.  I found a yoga class I loved and I committed to attending that class every week.  I scheduled it in my calendar so I couldn’t double book myself.

There are lots of little steps that you can do to ensure that you are making the time and clearing the space to reach your goals.  Whether it’s scheduling time for writing every day or signing up for a class or making an appointment with your naturopath.  Little steps add up to big leaps.  And before you know it you’ve made HUGE progress.

One clear path can lead to another

Getting healthy is not an obvious choice when you have bigger questions like “what should I do with my business?” or “I don’t know what I want to do for my career?”.  But when I tapped into my heart that is what spoke to me.  And when you start simple it means you are making a step.  I made a choice and I moved forward.  And that forward motion has led me to other inspirations and alternate routes.  So getting clear on what you want is important.  When you don’t know what to specifically get clear on, take some time to see what your heart says.  It may surprise you.  Trust in yourself and the journey.  One clear path can lead to another.  Focus on the ball of light.